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My 3D models are carefully designed and can surprise you with interesting contents. From architecture to jewelry, you will find everything. The total collection for subscribers includes bundle of models.


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About Operossa

I am a digital artist specializing in creating 3D content. My skills cover a wide range of digital art related fields however 3D graphics has been with me for years. I live in Poland, so I have a lot of inspiration here especially when it comes to culture and history.

My passion for digital art brings a focus on designing and creating realistic 3D assets that add a new dimension to virtual environments and projects. I love creating images by mixing elements of photos, illustrations, 3D graphics and computer-generated images. I usually produce projects in short, thematic series, which suits me very well.

The themes of my works are general entertainment and hobbies, art, folklore, history and heritage. Many of the items are accurate 3D reconstructions based on surviving fragments and available descriptions. However, the collections are a mix of the author’s fiction and the real world.

I invite you to explore my portfolio to see how my skills can enhance and enhance your digital projects. As a passionate digital artist, I am ready to take on new challenges and collaborate to create amazing experiences in the virtual space. I hope my art will inspire and satisfy your curiosity. I encourage you to explore!


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If you need a commercial license for high quality 3d models our subscription is for you.

As of March 24, 2024, we will introduce the long-awaited subscriptions program. It’s only $9 per month! Now you can really have something to choose from and make your customers happy.

STL files for sale

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Instant access to the curent catalog without having to purchase individual files.

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You will be one of the few individuals that would get our exlusive designs.

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Commercial license to sell 3D prints for as long as you keep your subscription active.

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You will have access to the file before each design gets officially released to the public.

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Gain access to our subcribers' only Exclusive Discord Collectors Chat.

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Get help for recommended settings and filaments. Submit your design ideas.


You can buy some 3D models products at Etsy. I am also preparing availability in other online marketplaces.

The subscription will be available from March 24, 2024, and can be ordered through a direct link on our website or the Patreon.

Yes, of course! I would love to hear any suggestions or ideas you have. You can post them as a comment on social media. The best ideas that are used will be rewarded.

The collection is not available for purchase at this moment. We will inform you in advance when it will be reissued.


Upcoming Collections in 2024

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Robots 59/59

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Treasures of the Templars

Sygnets – 31/31

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In the making of

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Medieval Jewelry (Q1 2024)

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